HL Keyhook With Every Purchase


HARVEST LABELブランドのバッグで使用している高品位のテープ、金具を使って作り上げた非売品、数量限定のキーホルダーです。


HARVEST LABELブランドの商品(*)をお買い上げの際、バッグ1つに対してオリジナルキーホルダーを1つプレゼントいたします。



A limited production keyhook, utilizing metal components and same high quality, custom made webbing from our Harvest Label brand of bags (*).
Each keyhook comes with the brand’s logo tag with white and red lettering on both front and rear sides respectively. Included as a gift with every purchase of Harvest Label brand of bags.


(*) Not included when purchasing other non-Harvest Label brand of bags.