Custom Osaka Factory


クオリティにこだわったフラッグシップバッグは「Made in Japan(日本製)であるべき」、また「日本のクラフト技術を守るべき」との考えから、2015年6月、本社と同地区に設置した直営製作工場が「カスタム大阪」。



To perserve tradition and craftsmanship; a skillset that cannot be acquired overnight. Instead, honed and mastered over decades of work using one’s own bare hands to produce our flagship Harvest Label brand of bags. Custom Osaka was founded in June 2015 for this very purpose.


Custom Osaka is located near our headquarter in Osaka, Japan. A sampling and sewing studio catered towards producing small lot, high quality bags under our supervision. And spearheaded with our master craftsmen with decades of experience.


For our Harvest Label brand of bags, it had to be made in Japan where our very roots were founded. But, to continue to elevate and to train future craftsman as well, it needed to be more than just “Made in Japan”. But, also “Made in Custom Osaka”. We continue our quest to produce the highest quality bags for those that demand not just the unordinary, but also the extraoridinary.