Our iconic FLYER’s series reproduced as a 25th Anniversary Model

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Originally designed by the charismatic designer, Koichi Yamaguchi, FLYER’S series was about pursuing the utmost highest quality and his passion to fuse military specification into daily use carriables. One of the original series to define the Harvest Label brand when lauched over 20 years ago. But, due to the materials and extremely high quality standards set by the designer, these bags were produced in small lots only by master craftsmen at the time. Unable to produce in high volume, FLYER’S series were constantly sold out when available, and became an instant hit and as collectables by loyal fans.


However, due to difficulties to produce in larger lots, increase in production costs were too much to bear and thus, the FLYER’S series came to an end after a few years in the market. Since then, we continued to receive requests from customers and fans to bring back this iconic series. So as part of our 25th anniversary, we have decided to bring back two styles from the FLYER’S series as a limited production run to be sold only through our website.


Taking inspiration from the MA-1 bomber flight jackets worn by US military pilots, the FLYER’S series utilize custom made nylon twill bonded fabric. Combined with a design patented unique handle shape, which incorporates a metal plate to give the bag its shape.


Under supervision by the same master craftsman involved during the original production, these new bags will be produced by our very own factory in Osaka, Japan. As these limited edition bags will be produced in small lots to maintain high quality standards, delivery will commence in April 2020.


If you have any questions, please contact us at store@harvestcorp.co.jp for further details.


HJH-4008 / 4009 Reproduction Model


The two models share the same overall structure, with both having two main compartments on the front and rear sides. Front compartment has pockets to organize your daily essentials, such as smartphones, wallets, earphones etc. The rear compartment has more depth to store bulkier items, such as a water bottle, foldable umbrella etc. Both compartments are zippered to allow wider opening for easy and quick access.


In addition, the top grip handle, which incorporates a metal plate, provides structure to the soft and lightweight fabric of the bag. Even when carried by hand or by shoulder/cross-body using the detachable shoulder strap, the bags hold its shape. A signature design feature of these two models.


HJH-4008_R is sized to comfortably fit A4 documents (210 x 297 mm or 8.27 x 11.69”), while HJH-4009_R is for A5 (210 x 148 mm or 8.27 x 5.83”). Designed for both on and off work, choose from 3 colors to fit your lifestyle, whether for daily use to travel and beyond.

SIZE:410 x 290 x 110 mm
MATERIAL:Nylon Twill (bonded) x Leather x Metal Components
COMPARTMENTS:2(front and rear)
POCKETS: Exterior – zippered pocket (external) x2 / Interior – sleeve pockets x3、slip pockets  x4、pen slots x3
LAPTOP:up to 15”

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SIZE:300 x 210 x 90 mm
MATERIAL:Nylon Twill (bonded) x Leather x Metal Components
COMPARTMENTS:2(front and rear)
POCKETS:Interior – sleeve pockets x3、slip pockets  x2、card pocket x1, pen slots x3
TABLET:up to iPad Air

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If you have any questions, please contact us at store@harvestcorp.co.jp for further details.